GNOME 2.32 Release Notes


I 'm a little behind schedule on the release notes.  The first draft is available here:

login: gnome
pw: 2.32

I need some help with looking forward to GNOME 3.0 section at the bottom as well.  If you compare these release notes to 2.28 or 2.30 (just replace 2.32 with 2.30 for example in the link above) we've talked a bit about 3.0.  If anyone has any suggestions for how to make it fresh, please let me know.

Release team - if anyone has any screenshots of the desktop (maybe showing Nautilus? - I'm open) and maybe a Nautilus screenshot, please send them to me.  I can't get Fedora 14 to install which is usually the best distro as far as closeness to upstream GNOME.

I owe the translators a final draft so they have time to translate, so the sooner anyone can share feedback, the better.



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