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Not sure if everyone is following loads of mailing lists like I do... so
fwd'ing just in case
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I thought it would be good to send out an update on outstanding GTK+ 3
tasks that were tackled, discussed or assigned to people at last weeks
hackfest. The goal of releasing GTK+ 3.0 (as well as GLib 2.28 and
GTK+ 2.24) at the end of the year remains unchanged.

* paint-clock (Ryan)
    including geometry mgmt integrated in the paint cycle
    including input handling integrated in the paint cycle
* timelines (Ryan / Cody)
* GdkWindow::event signal (Benjamin)
* GDK rendering cleanup, part 4 (GdkDrawable, etc) (Benjamin)
* size_request removal (Matthias Tristan)
* GtkStyleContext (Carlos)
* theme engine porting (Matthias, Carlos)
* Actions in GApplication (Ryan)
* automated builds (Ryan, Cody)
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