Re: Moduleset Reorganization -- Take two

Vincent Untz wrote:

> Extended Platform
> =================
> The Extended Platform is a set of libraries or dbus services that do not
> provide API/ABI stability yet, but that fill holes in our platform and
> that should end in our platform once they reach stability. We encourage
> developers to use them instead of alternative solutions.
> Additionally, bindings that are still in development will also be in the
> Extended Platform.
> Candidates for this set include GStreamer, enchant,
> evolution-data-server, libcanberra, libgda, libnotify, gupnp, poppler,
> telepathy-glib, tracker, webkitgtk. Candidate bindings include
> java-gnome.

Would anyone object if the modules in this list that are currently
considered external dependencies were switched to pull from Git?

The list would be libcanberra, libgda, libnotify, gupnp (and
gupnp-*?), poppler, telepathy-glib, tracker, and webkitgtk. I am
leaving enchant out as it's not moving much.


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