libsoup 2.32.2 for GNOME 2.91.3

I wanted to do a libsoup 2.32.2 even though there's no GNOME 2.32.2,
because of two important bugfixes, so I was going to make two releases,
one from each branch, but then I realized that 2.32.2 and 2.91.3 would
actually be completely identical other than version number, so I just
released only 2.32.2. But that *is* supposed to go into GNOME 2.91.3.
(There haven't been any 2.91.x releases of libsoup yet, so maybe this
all would have happened automatically anyway...)

Oh, also, I don't know if any release-team processes depend on the git
hooks, but the post-receive hook blew up at me, FYI.

-- Dan

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