Re: r-t meeting: 2.91 module inclusion decisions

Andre Klapper wrote:

> The (still drafty, wondering whether to have a longer UI Freeze as
> requested by jclinton but no comments on d-d-l, any opinions?) 2.91
> schedule at states
> Oct 25: End of new (app) modules proposal period
> Nov 01: Module inclusion discussion heats up.
> Nov 08: Module Freeze: new modules are chosen now.
> So we need a meeting somewhere around beginning of November.
> Any preferences?
> (I'll be nearly completely offline from Sun, Oct 31 to Sun, Nov 07 so I
> probably won't make it.)

I had a quick grep in my IRC logs and don't see any confirmation of
this one; will we hold a meeting this weekend?

Saturday from UTC 13:30 is fine for me; Sunday I do not know yet (fwiw
I am in UTC-3 at the moment).

In the agenda, we would have:
 - new modules (should be done quickly, libpeas, moving clutter to
   platform, lightdm)
 - moduleset reorg (pretty advanced, will also have been discussed at
   Boston Summit by at least vuntz and mccann)


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