external dependency review


once per cycle, we should go through the list of external dependencies
[1], make sure they are in sync with the modulesets we use to build
the release, weed out dead entries, and bump version numbers to the
latest stable release (unless there is a good reason not to). I've
gone through this excercise today, and propose the following changes.
If any of this looks wrong, please complain. Otherwise, I'll work on
getting these numbers into the list and the modulesets.

If we need any changes to minimal required versions, please let me know as well.


avahi                     no change
bdb                       not mentioned in the moduleset at all -> drop ?
cairo                     1.8.10
cairomm                   1.8.1
clutter                   1.2.8
clutter-gtk               no change
conduit                   0.3.16
dbus                      1.2.24
dbus-glib                 0.86
dbus-python               0.83.1
desktop-file-utils        0.16
DeviceKit-disks           drop in favour of udisks ?
enchant                   1.6.0
expat                     2.0.1
farsight2                 0.0.12
fontconfig                2.8.0
gamin                     only used by gnome-vfs -> drop ?
gmime                     2.4.15
gnutls                    no change
gpgme                     not used by anything in moduleset -> drop ?
gtk-vnc                   no change
hal                       used by tracker (?), suggested by others -> drop ?
hicolor-icon-theme        no change
icon-naming-utils         no change
intltool                  0.41.1
iso-codes                 3.9
libcanberra               0.24
libchamplain              0.4.4
libcolorblind             no change
libcroco                  no change
llibgda                   4.0.8
libgdata                  no change
libggz                    dropped from gnome-games -> drop ?
libgpg-error              1.8
libgcrypt                 no change
libgsf                    1.14.18
libical                   no change
libmapi                   no change
libmusicbrainz            replace by libmusicbrainz3
libnotify                 no change
liboil                    0.3.17
libproxy                  0.4.0
libtasn1                  2.6
libxklavier               no change
libunique                 1.1.6
libxml2                   2.7.7
libxslt                   1.1.26
Mono.Addins               no change
mozilla                   use xulrunner 1.9.2 ?
ndesk-dbus                no change
ndesk-dbus-glib           no change
nspr                      4.8.4
nss                       3.12.6
opal                      3.8.1
PackageKit                2.30.1
pkg-config                no change
polkit-gtk                called polkit-gnome now, 0.96
pulseaudio                no change
poppler                   0.12.4
pycairo                   1.8.8
ptllb                     2.8.1
rarian                    no change
shared-mime-info          0.71
startup-notification      no change
swfdec                    no change
system-tool-backends      2.10.0
telepathy-glib            0.11.5
telepathy-mission-control 5.4.0
tracker                   0.8.6 (or 0.9.x ?)
upower                    0.9.4
vala                      0.8.1
webkit                    no change

libatasmart               0.17
libdaemon                 0.14
libnice                   0.11
pixman                    0.18.2
samba4                    alpha11

[1] http://live.gnome.org/TwoPointThirtyone/ExternalDependencies

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