Updated perl bindings for 2.30.0?

Hi Torsten,

As far as I can tell, we've been releasing the same versions of perl
bindings since GNOME 2.26.0. That is:

 Glib: 1.220
 Gnome2-Canvas: 1.002
 Gnome2-GConf: 1.044
 Gnome2-VFS: 1.081
 Gnome2: 1.042
 Gtk2-GladeXML: 1.007
 Gtk2: 1.220
 Pango: 1.220

However, it appears that there are some new versions available when
looking on cpan:

 Glib: 1.222
 Gnome2: 1.081
 Gtk2: 1.221
 Pango: 1.221

Do you want us to use the new versions? Or shall we keep the same
versions as for 2.26.0?



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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