gnome-keyring release

Hi Stef,

(putting gnome-keyring-list in cc since someone might be able to help)

Le mercredi 10 mars 2010, à 01:12 +0000, Stef a écrit :
> Vincent Untz wrote:
> >  Want me to roll tarballs for gnome-keyring & libgnome-keyring?
> Yes, that  would  be great! Much appreciated.

I've been fighting for two hours without much success :/ I committed
some trivial fixes to have "make dist" work (and I also committed the
updated NEWS files a few minutes ago).

However, make distcheck fails for both gnome-keyring and

For gnome-keyring, this looks potentially quite serious:

TEST_DATA=../../../../pkcs11/secret-store/tests/test-data gtester -m=slow ./run-auto-test
TEST: ./run-auto-test... (pid=20856)
ERROR:../../../pkcs11/secret-store/gck-secret-fields.c:118:compat_hash_value_as_string: assertion failed: (gcry_md_get_algo_dlen (GCRY_MD_MD5) == sizeof (digest))
GTester: last random seed: R02S85d13856d9575b30763d84e96d34cf95

For libgnome-keyring, the issue is that there's no service file for

TEST_DATA=../../../library/tests/test-data gtester -m=slow ./run-auto-test
TEST: ./run-auto-test... (pid=28253)
Starting gnome-keyring-daemon...
** Message: another secret service is running
** Message: secret service operation failed: The name org.gnome.keyring.Test was not provided by any .service files
ERROR:../../../library/tests/test-keyrings.c:47:test_remove_incomplete: assertion failed (GNOME_KEYRING_RESULT_OK == res): (0 == 6)
GTester: last random seed: R02S2dc312916101ef87c94734d1e3bc8797

I've checked, and the return value (6) is GNOME_KEYRING_RESULT_IO_ERROR,
which happens when there's a dbus error. And
org.gnome.keyring.Test.service is not shipped in gnome-keyring, so I
have no idea whether it does something special compared to
org.gnome.keyring.service or not :/

Would you have some time to look at this? Or do you think I should just
go ahead and release with just "make dist" instead of "make distcheck"?



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