Re: dasher string change

Le lundi 08 mars 2010 à 19:31 +0000, Patrick Welche a écrit :
> The canonical website for dasher now sells car insurance - I really would
> like to change the URL (and update a few non-translatable bits) in the help
> documentation to avoid unpleasant surprises. (for the 2.30 release)

Hi Patrick,

As far as documentation is concerned, feel free to make the changes, as
it is not submitted to any freeze.

> There was also a request to make "Copyright" a translatable string.

That's nice, but not critical at all. Please do it after dasher will
have branched for 2.30.

I cannot comment on other more technical changes.


> May I apply the enclosed patch?
> (I have successfully read the help in French and German, so don't think
> that it breaks anything.)
> (It contains the string changes, not the modified git-version-gen which
> still needs a little testing which would obviously be applied when the
> time comes.)
> Cheers,
> Patrick

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