Re: GNOME 2.31.4 unstable tarballs due

> >
>> If things look catastrophically bad on Tuesday, I'll simple disable GSEAL again.
> As far as I understood, the release was supposed to require gtk+-3.0 and
> as I don't plan to support both gtk+-2.0 and gtk+-3.0 in my modules I
> don't think that is going to work. I mean, the GSEAL stuff is done -
> thanks Andre for annoying me so long to fix it.

Right, you should not try to support gtk2 and gtk3 at the same time.
And yes, we want to have a good number of modules ported over to gtk3
in 2.31.4. If there are some left that are still using gtk2, thats not
the end of the world, though.

What I was alluding to with my GSEAL comment is that a number of
modules have been ported to GTK+ before GSEAL was on by default in
2.90, and we may discover now that their port was not really complete

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