a11y module changes and regressions for GNOME3

Trying to get an overview of a11y module changes, it seems to be clear
that gnome-speech will be replaced by a speech-dispatcher fork called
opentts (to be found at http://opentts.org/ ):
<mgorse> Andre was asking if Opentts was going to be proposed as a GNOME
module or as an external dependency
<TheMuso> I saw, and I responded to him. It will be proposed.

So that part is clear, but we have an issue with the gok replacement. As
per http://live.gnome.org/Accessibility/GNOME3#GOK_.28drop_for_GNOME3.29
gok will be dropped for GNOME3 because of CSPI not being ported.

caribou is far from being ready. From a very quick try caribou
completely lacks L10N support, jhbuild support and probably lots more.

Currently it seems that GNOME 3.0 will be shipped without an on-screen
keyboard included, and we must clearly & early communicate that (writing
it here so we won't forget and can warn people early enough about this

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