Next meeting (was Re: Future of GNOME release sets [was: Re: TwoPointThirtyone])

Le mardi 06 avril 2010, à 12:13 +0200, Frederic Peters a écrit :
> So, should we do something about this before the decision on new
> modules, discussing it here, or a meeting in #release-team?

We need to do a meeting anyway -- it's on my TODO list for this week to
find an appropriate date.

What works best for people, assuming this will be at 18:00UTC:

 Apr 10 (Sat)
 Apr 11 (Sun)
 Apr 17 (Sat)
 Apr 18 (Sun)
 Apr 24 (Sat)
 Apr 25 (Sun)

I can do 10 and 17. I can't make 11 and 18, and would like to avoid 24
and 25 (since I'll likely miss the meeting).


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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