Re: Roll Brasero tarballs for 2.29.3


(cc'ing gtk-doc-list)

Le lundi 30 novembre 2009, à 17:42 +0000, Luis Medinas a écrit :
> Hi
> I would like to ask someone from the release team to roll a 2.29.3 tarball.
> Me and Philippe are pretty busy right now and i don't have a jhbuild
> environment setup.

I'll try to do a tarball, but not before at least 3 hours...

> The main problem is because brasero needs gtk-doc from git master in
> order to have introspection enabled.

This is not really good :/ Does it only affect tarball creation, or will
people building tarballs with --enable-gtk-doc have the issue too?

Is there a gtk-doc release planned in the near future?


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