Re: [gnome-games] (22 commits) Created branch gnome-2-28

Somehow--we don't know how--Adi deleted and create a new HEAD based on master in place of the old gnome-2-28 HEAD. This latest branch creation message is the GNOME Games maintainers helping him restore the stable branch back in to its original state which was 5a9fabb63a20fcdde4c166cda5160b2fadefc2ba ... I also had him restore the branch with the commit that he was trying to make which is 2bc6d46c7cbf7290fead48e54aabde31fb0387a7. At this point everything should be back to a sane state and all these messages can be ignored. Please let me know if you notice anything odd.

For other maintainers who find themselves in this situation, the commit hashes in the svn-commits-list are invaluable since we do not have access to the ref log stored on the server when a branch is deleted (and you may not be quite up-to-date enough to have the now unreachable latest commits in a branch). From this list, you can get the last sane commit hash, have the person who caused the problem delete the remote afflicted branch (git push origin :bad-branch), and then have them reset a working branch to the correct hash  (git reset --hard GOODHASH) and then push the corrected working branch to the remote using the branch name (git push origin fixedlocal:newremotebranch).

As for how Adi did this in the first place, I don't know.

On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 11:32 PM, Adi Roiban <adiroiban src gnome org> wrote:
The branch 'gnome-2-28' was created.

Summary of new commits:

 708e54c... Post-release version bump to 2.28.1
 a0adeff... Updated Czech help translation by Marek Cernocky
 c9eb6fc... Updated Spanish translation
 489caee... Updated German doc translation
 d37ef8f... aisleriot: partial fix for z-order of empty slots; handles
 4464ced... aisleriot: resolve z-order for empty slots; handles selecti
 2688e62... aisleriot: remove usless region invalidation with Clutter;
 4a51d7b... Updated Russian translation by Andrew Grigorev <andrew ei-g
 3189708... Fixed misspelling, fixes bug #598311
 fbb4dd3... Update NEWS for Gnome Games 2.28.1
 2810bbc... Post-release bump to 2.28.2
 d01fb5a... Updated Lithuanian translation.
 4d708af... Updated Spanish translation, fixes bug #599409
 39454a7... Updated Thai translation.
 792be0d... Fix navigation icon (Leszek Koltunski, Bug #600930)
 91d8ae9... Added da to list of languages
 48e110a... Added Danish translation
 10c5097... Updated Catalan translation
 b7a5ff5... Relicensed Aisleriot manpage as GPL2+ to be consistent with
 d539846... Translate GtkBuilder UIs (Bug #602934)
 5a9fabb... Import defaults in sudoku file as this sets the translation
 2bc6d46... Update Romanian translations
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