Re: String freeze break request for Vino 2.26

2009/5/12 Gabor Kelemen <kelemeng gnome hu>:
> Jonh Wendell írta:
>> Hello, guys.
>> I just committed a fix/workaround for a bug[1] in vino (master branch). It affects specially people with 3D effects enabled and nvidia/ati drivers.
>> The fix adds two strings in a new gconf key, "disable_xdamage". I'd like to commit this fix into gnome-2-26 branch as well, because lots of people have complained in Ubuntu[2], which was just released (Jaunty).
>> Strings:
>> 1:Whether we should disable the XDamage extension of
>> 2:If true, we will not use the XDamage extension of This extension does not work properly on some video drivers when using 3D effects. Disabling it will make vino work on these environments with a slower rendering as side effect.
>> [1]-
>> [2]-
>> Thanks,
> Sounds critical enough to warrant a break. i18n approval 1 of 2.
> Regards
> Gabor Kelemen

Approval 2 of 2 for i18n.


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