Re: [DRAFT] GNOME to migrate to git

On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 8:42 PM, Lucas Rocha <lucasr gnome org> wrote:
> The GNOME Release Team would like to announce that git has been chosen as the
> new Version Control System (VCS) for GNOME.

passive->active voice: The GNOME Release Team would like to announce
that git will be (that we have chosen git as?) the new official
Version Control System (VCS) for GNOME.

('has been chosen' makes it sound like some unknown voice chose it, not RT.)

> In our opinion, the decision on git
> represents the opinion of a vast majority of our active contributors base.

I'd say more like 'the decision reflects both technical considerations
and the considered opinion of our contributors.'

> In December 2008, Behdad Esfahbod organized the GNOME DVCS (Distributed Version
> Control System) Survey on behalf of the GNOME Foundation board of directors,
> Release Team, and Sysadmin Team with the aim of better understanding
> familiarity and preferences of our active contributor base regarding the future
> version control system for GNOME. The survey results[1], released in January
> 2009, show that git is by far the preferred DVCS for the majority of our active
> contributors - the main users of GNOME infrastructure. Elijah Newren has made
> an in-depth analysis of the results[2].
> Since January 2009, a group of brave contributors (Owen Taylor, Kristian
> Høgsberg, Behdad Esfahbod, Federico Quintero, Elijah Newren, and others) have
> been working on the migration of our Subversion repositories to git[3]. The
> git migration team is documenting their progress at:
> The new server is now in good shape and contains a functional
> preview of all GNOME git repositories. The official migration of all our
> Subversion repositories to git will take place just after the 2.26.1
> release, on April 14.
> The git migration team is now working on sorting out the last details of the
> migration and providing complete documentation on how to use git on daily GNOME
> contributions (for documentors, translators, developers, etc). By migrating in
> the very beginning of the 2.27.x development cycle, we'll be able to work out
> any issues very early in the development cycle and give enough time for
> contributors to get used to the new VCS.
> We'd like to invite the community to: a) help us to provide accurate
> documentation for documentors, translators and developers; b) test the preview
> repositories in and help the git migration team on finding and
> fixing any issues in the repositories you work on. If you'd like to help,
> subcribe to gnome-infrastructure[4] and report/discuss any issues you find
> there.

I'd say something to start this paragraph like: 'we realize that git
is not perfect, and that the transition will require significant and
important changes to many GNOME processes. With that in mind, we hope
that more community members will step forward to help make the process
as efficient and painless as possible. Ways that you can help include:
a) help us...

Otherwise, looks solid- thanks for taking this on, Lucas-

> Cheers!
> GNOME Release Team
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