Re: [epiphany] (8 commits) Created branch gnome-keyring

Ühel kenal päeval, K, 2009-07-29 kell 10:30, kirjutas Priit Laes:
> The branch 'gnome-keyring' was created.
> Summary of new commits:
>   23228a2... Move Epiphany to solely use GnomeKeyring for password manag
>   b16eeff... Set password column initially as hidden.
>   9b9dd3d... Use correct column from store for deletion.
>   d686fe2... Make pdm_dialog_fill_passwords_list asynchronous.
>   b038a8f... Make password loading/showing asynchronous.
>   1b6928f... Make clear all functionality asynchronous.
>   9657890... Password removal is now async :)
>   93fab0d... Password adding is fully async now.
> _______________________________________________

Hum.. any ideas why git sent this here?

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