Re: r-t MEETING: Module inclusions

Le jeudi 16 juillet 2009, à 18:35 +0200, Andre Klapper a écrit :
> I forgot an appointment this saturday, hence correcting.
> Looks like we meet either this or next Sunday.
> Time: 18:00 UTC
> * Sat 25th
>   yes: andre, matthias, fredp, bkor, guenther
>   no:  lucasr, vuntz
> * Sun 26th
>   yes: andre, matthias, vuntz, lucasr, fredp, bkor, guenther
>   no:
> * Sat 18th
>   yes: matthias, vuntz, fredp, guenther
>   no:  lucasr, bkor, andre
> * Sun 19th
>   yes: andre, matthias, vuntz, lucasr, fredp, guenther
>   no: bkor

So that's Sunday 26th first choice, and Sunday 19th second choice.

Olav: would it be a big drama for you if we do it on this Sunday? The
thing is that the sooner we announce which modules get included, the
better (I got pinged several times during GUADEC...)


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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