Re: UI freeze break request: incoming muc invitation in Empathy

[adding gnome-doc-list in CC']

Guillaume Desmottes wrote:

> We'd like to merge a branch [1] implementing incoming multi users chat
> invitation support in Empathy [2]. 
> This branch adds a blinking icon in the notification area when user
> receives a muc invitation and a small dialog asking if he wants to
> accept or deny the invitation.
> Only 4 simples strings are added (including 2 trivial ones: "Join" and
> "Decline").
> See [3] for the diff on master.
> I think that's important to have this merged as new Empathy can now send
> muc invitations and it would be silly to silently ignore incoming ones.

The UI change is minimal, and from a quick look at the documentation
it doesn't seem the actions that can be performed from the status icon
are mentioned at all.

+1 from me.


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