AT-SPI/D-Bus integration work needed for GNOME 3.0?

Hi All:

As a result of the AT-SPI/D-Bus hackfest held as Sun Ireland last week, we think we have a high probability of reaching success for supplanting the AT-SPI/CORBA implementation with AT-SPI/D-Bus. Yeah! :-)

I have a question about how to handle the transition. Currently, the AT-SPI/CORBA solution is hosted in the GNOME git repository. The new AT-SPI/D-Bus solution is hosted in the git repository and is likely to stay that way. In addition, to permit the option of introducing incompatible API changes, we're planning on adding a '2' to the module name (e.g., at-spi2).

What impact does the different git repository and the module name change have on the release engineering process? In particular, what do the AT-SPI/D-Bus tarball providers have to do to help make this happen? For example, is a new module proposal needed? Is an "external dependency" now required? Etc.



PS - Note that the above does not include speech and magnification. I'm still working on getting us answers to those and will keep up to date as plans solidify.

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