Re: GNOME 3.0 Schedule draft; Streamlining of the Platform.

For the accessibility portion, here's some strawman stuff that will be solidified soon (I hope):

1) Luke Yelavich at Canonical is planning on looking at speech dispatcher as a proposed replacement for gnome-speech. If he gets support from his management to do the work and is successful at meeting the sundry of requirements being placed on a speech synthesis solution, we can deprecate/remove gnome-speech. Note that speech dispatcher will likely end up as a cross platform project under the Linux Foundation Open A11y community.

2) We are working with another organization right now to investigate magnification solutions. This may involve picking up on, and I suspect the ultimate solution will be a combination of improvements to Compiz's eZoom plugin plus a D-Bus API. If so, this may end up as a Compiz project.

3) In two weeks, Sun is hosting a meeting between Sun, Codethink, and Novell to develop a "go forward" plan to get the AT-SPI/D-Bus work to a point where the existing Bonobo/CORBA solution can be supplanted. This includes figuring out what to do about applications that currently depend upon cspi. Since it is cross platform, this may also end up as a project under the Linux Foundation's Open A11y group.

I'd also like to organize something at GUADEC around this since it is basically a rewrite of the entire accessibility infrastructure for GNOME. In the end, we will have also created a solution that is compatible with KDE desktops and is also more amenable to mobile devices.

Keep an eye on for details.

Hope this ties you over until we can solidify things more,


On Apr 2, 2009, at 7:20 AM, Andre Klapper wrote:


a draft for the GNOME 2.27 & 2.29 schedule is now available at .

The schedule also includes a plan to clean up the platform by getting
rid of deprecated modules.
Maintainers can see the GNOME 3 readiness of their modules on Frederic's
awesome status page at .
Comments & discussion welcome.

      * 2.30.0 is planned to be 3.0.0, if the QA agrees (For a general
        GNOME 3 debate, please see other threads like Vincent's recent
        posting at msg00004.html and msg00005.html ). I don't plan to cover everything+1 in this schedule, it's just that I concentrated on platform streamlining.)
      * Only two maintenance releases for 2.28.x
      * Early module freeze for 2.30
      * More & earlier 2.29.x releases than normally (better testing)
      * Two weeks hardcode freeze before 2.30.0 - late release at the
        last day of march 2010
      * Still to discuss: dconf vs gconf. This is not yet covered by
this plan, but crucial to discuss (as gconf depends on Bonobo) -
        robtaylor and/or desrt will probably elaborate its current
      * Still to discuss: a11y plan for GNOME3 - see

Already know some 2.28 plans for the module you maintain?
Add them to now!

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