Re: gnome-font-viewer and gnome-thumbnail-font

I spoke with Rodrigo, who originally committed the change to delete it.

We agreed that dropping the fontilus and themus vfs methods made sense,
since they no longer work, but the font viewer and thumbnailer (whch
were in the same dir) really should have stayed, since they have no

(GNOME Specimen could be a replacement, but it currently lacks the
functionality, and is not part of Desktop).

So the plan was to bring back the viewer and the thumbnailer for at
least 2.24 and then look at addressing the problem properly. I agree
that gnome-control-center is not really a sensible place for the
binaries, nor is gnome-utils, but g-c-c had the advantage of at least
being able to recover the translations, etc.

I'll reopen the bug with this text.


On Thu, 2008-10-16 at 16:40 +0200, Andre Klapper wrote:
> Hej hej,
> Am Donnerstag, den 16.10.2008, 22:17 +0800 schrieb Davyd Madeley:
> > It turns out that these were accidently removed from
> > gnome-control-center right before the 2.24 release (whoops).
> Who said that this was by accident? ;-)
> Also see .
> > I've just finished bringing them back and hooking them up to build again
> > in trunk.
> Can you attach the patch to bug 555215? I'd also first like to see
> feedback by the g-c-c/gnome-utils hackers if a patch will be accepted.
> andre
Davyd Madeley
08B0 341A 0B9B 08BB 2118  C060 2EDD BB4F 5191 6CDA

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