glib version for gnome 2.26

Hey guys,

at this weeks team GTK+ team meeting I brought up the idea of doing a
GLib 2.20 release for Gnome 2.26.

The reason for this is that we need some new GIO api to improve
nautilus mime association handling and
reimplement the "connected servers" feature that we lost with the move
from gnome-vfs to gvfs.

Since there was no opposition at the meeting, I'd like to announce
that we're going to have GLib 2.20 in
time for 2.26. GTK+ is still on a yearly schedule, so I don't expect
GTK+ 2.16 to be ready in time for 2.26 (the filechooser changes for
connected servers can land in the 2.14 branch).

I'm going to update the jhbuild modulesets accordingly.


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