Re: gnome-control-center broke the string freeze

Le samedi 27 septembre 2008 à 10:21 +0200, Jorge González González a
écrit :

looks like there is a new string for gnome-control-center, branch gnome

Your commit for rev. 9004 broke the string freeze of g-c-c. It seems to
be an important fix, but anyway, could you please formally ask for the
string freeze break explaining the importance of this?

Sorry, this mail got lost somewhere.

A bit after the fact now, but let me officially request a string freeze
break. Rationale is in bug #553762 [0]. Basically, the XRandR dialog
was crashing/aborting when XRandR 1.2 isn't available. The commit
in question dropped this behaviour so that we now display an error
message, reusing a previously (2.22.x) existing string so a number
of catalogs probably still have it.



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