Next release team meeting

Hi guys,

We should do our next meeting in the next few weeks. One issue for me is
that I'll be busy in Boston from Oct 5th to Oct 13th. But doing the
meeting earlier sounds impossible, so let's just pretend I'll be

Potential agenda:

 + release team membership changes
   - people willing to leave?
   - new people (fredp is a good candidate)
 + looking back at the 2.24 cycle:
   - what went wrong?
   - what went right?
   - if people have things in mind that we should improve, etc.
 + setting in stone the 2.25 schedule
   - hopefully, this can be done before the meeting :-)
 + new module proposals
   - we should probably send a mail in the next few days, but we might
     want to really announce the schedule first (for the deadline)
 + release assignments
 + GNOME 3.0 discussion

We should be able to reach the GNOME 3.0 item this time, since all other
items should be rather quick to do.


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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