Re: GNOME 2.24.2 stable release

Le dimanche 23 novembre 2008, à 00:00 +0000, Release Team a écrit :
> Hello all,
> GNOME 2.24.2 stable release


 + modulesets available at

 + everything builds, except:
   - epiphany: see previous mail
   - gtk-sharp: it fails with:

/usr/bin/gacutil /i policy.2.10.gtk-dotnet.dll /f /package gtk-sharp-2.0 /gacdir /gnome/releases/usr/lib
Failure adding assembly policy.2.10.gtk-dotnet.dll to the cache: Strong name cannot be verified for delay-signed assembly

     I'll ask tomorrow, but maybe it's just the usual "mono doesn't like
     when I compile it in another prefix" issue I always face...
     This one also blocks: gnome-desktop-sharp gnome-sharp tomboy.


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