About the string addition to the gvfs stable branch

Hello all,

Markku Vire noticed it was not possible for gvfs-fuse-daemon to support
multiple mounts from the same server, made with different usernames; like:
  sftp://user1 server/some/path
  sftp://user2 server/some/path

Alexander Larsson fixed it in trunk, to have the display name changed to
"sftp for USER on HOST" when a username was given, he noted this would be
a string addition to the 2.24 branch, and wondered what to do; Matthias
suggested fixing the bug and living with 99.5% translation coverage; so
Alex commited the change, not marking the new string as translatable.

Wouter Bolsterlee noticed this string addition and pointed how it was a
very visible string (on the Desktop, in the Places menu…), that would now
be left untranslated; he later on came with a plan to fix this:

>  - add back the translation markers in the stable branch, instead of
>    forcing a *very visible* (it appears in the Locations panel menu!)
>    untranslatable strings upon users.

>  - make sure translators have some time (2 weeks, I'd say) to update
>    their translations and make a new release.

Alex is ok with this plan, I just added the translation markers so the
new string can be translated immediately, and he will release 1.0.4 in
two weeks.

Be sure we are very proud of the GNOME translation effort and we
definitely want to avoid inconveniences such as this one to repeat.

On http://live.gnome.org/TranslationProject/HandlingStringFreezes :

 | What changes are not affected by the string freeze?
 |  * Change or addition of a message that is not marked for translation.
 |    perhaps it needs 

Perhaps it should be modified to point out this is only about strings that
do not *need* translation (debug messages for example), that removing
markers from an otherwise translatable string doesn't match this
exception.  Can somebody phrase this better than me?



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