other potential showstoppers.

beside the bugs i've mentioned in the last showstopper review, i'd like
to list the following potential issues to be worked out for 2.22:

- crash.gnome.org integration; especially getting debug information from
the distros so core files can be "converted" to stacktraces. fer told me
he'd work on this now. crash.gnome.org already receives reports. i'm
afraid that we'll lose even more user feedback in 2.22 if this isn't
sorted out.

- <seb128> the new gdm is nowhere near the 2.20 one (no graphical login,
no gdmsetup, no autologin, no settings migration, no language choose,
<alex> we just hired mccann, he'll work on gdm
<halfline> i am going to be too again after today (today is the rhel 5.2
developer deadline)
<halfline> so things should be back up to snuff shortly
<halfline> i don't think anyone is planning on making existing gdm
themes work though
<andre> halfline: hmm, i wouldn't mind if you'd keep us (r-t) a bit
informed about gdm progress and expected regressions
halfline> okay, mccann and I are planning on having a meeting on tuesday
where we discuss where we're at and where we need to be
<halfline> i can shoot a mail to r-t with a summary of that
<andre> would be great. thanks in advance

- <seb128> gvfs lacks ftp and some other things and it's not likely
everything will be ready for GNOME 2.22

- porting everything to libsoup 2.4 (especially seahorse and
currently libsoup 2.4 needs GLib from SVN trunk, but no released GLib
version is adequate. looks like we definitely need a glib release for

- some nautilus-extensions don't work (seahorse/file-roller), as they
have not yet been ported to the new gio/gvfs infrastructure.
the file-roller issue is
http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=509933 .

so it looks like we have a lot of areas where we have to push people.
i'll be quite busy with studying so please everybody keep this stuff in

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