Re: glibmm not yet API frozen

Le dimanche 13 janvier 2008, à 13:24 +0100, Murray Cumming a écrit :
> glibmm is not yet API frozen. In particular, we are still finishing the
> bindings for the new gio API in glib. We are generally working hard to
> get this done soon so we can be confident enough of the API to be stable
> before GNOME 2.22 is released.
> I assume that this is more or less OK. glib and GTK+ don't follow the
> GNOME schedule so we generally don't expect glbmm and gtkmm to do so
> always.

Thanks for letting us know! It's fine, yes: the freeze is "hard" only
for the platform.


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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