Ekiga 3.00

Hello everyone,

Ekiga 3.00 is getting better and better.

However, there is still much to be done to have a polished Ekiga version
suitable for GNOME :
- write a new manual
- rework parts of the GUI
- finish the Ekiga engine
- rework Ekiga.net so that it gets ready for SIP presence

GNOME is already in the strings changes announcement period.

I do not think we will be able to get enough testing and have the doc
and the platform ready for the next release of GNOME.

Consequently, I think translators should continue working on the
gnome-2-20 branch. After GNOME 2.22 is released, I will create a
gnome-2-22 branch.

I'm sorry it takes so long to get Ekiga 3.00 ready, but we have many
changes going on, done by several quality contributors. Despite that, it
is an ambitious release, which explains the long delays (also the fact
that we are all working on Ekiga only during our spare time).
We prefer a rock-solid, polished, documented release, than a release
which are not happy with :-(

We could be ready before the end of March...

After Ekiga 3.00, we plan to do less ambitious releases, more often...
 _     Damien Sandras
//\    Ekiga Softphone : http://www.ekiga.org/
v_/_   NOVACOM         : http://www.novacom.be/
       FOSDEM          : http://www.fosdem.org/
       SIP Phone       : sip:dsandras ekiga net

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