Re: breaking libsoup API - a technical question and a policy question

Am Donnerstag, den 10.01.2008, 15:07 -0500 schrieb Dan Winship:
> Hey. So I've been hacking on the libsoup-2.4 branch of libsoup for most
> of the GNOME 2.22 release cycle, breaking API to fix various problems
> (ugly/confusing API, insufficiently-glib-like API,
> non-language-bindable-API, API that needs to be changed to fix HTTP
> bugs, API that needs to be changed to add hooks for new features [eg
>], etc).
> It is now pretty much ready to merge to head (including a
> porting-from-2.2 guide in docs/reference, and I have patches for all of
> the other apps in jhbuild that depend on libsoup [bug-buddy, evolution,
> evolution-data-server, evolution-exchange, evolution-webcal, libepc,
> rhythmbox, seahorse, swfdec]), however, I am somewhat dubious about
> actually merging it at this point...

if you switch to 2.4 on tuesday (one of your proposals), there will be
another 10 days of smoketesting until 2.21.90, but i'd be also totally
fine to test 2.4 already in 2.21.5.
on irc you said that "libsoup had a bunch of regression tests already.
they all still pass in 2.4."
but even in case of serious problems we could still revert to using
2.2.x for 2.21.90 again.

so if this required a freeze break (and two approvals), you would get a
"+1" from me (and you have another one by vuntz already).

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