Re: gucharmap branched for 2.22

Le mardi 08 janvier 2008 à 13:06 +0100, Christian Persch a écrit :
> Hi;
> Le mardi 08 janvier 2008 à 12:35 +0100, Gil Forcada a écrit :
> > seems gucharmap wasn't branched for 2.18 but in 2.20 instead, so which
> > branch applies to 2.18?
> I think the gnome-2-16 branch should be listed for 2.18 too. I've fixed
> the jhbuild modulset accordingly.

This case is interesting (and not alone). When there isn't a branch for
a release, it's probably not the preceding branch that was used, but
rather the trunk at the time of the release, is it?

In such cases, I'm inclined to think that the branch we should track is
more the next branch than the preceding, that is, in this situation, the
gnome-2-20 branch is closer to the real gnome-2-18 version than the
At least, there was no new string between trunk at 2.18 release time and
gnome-2-20 branching.

I may be wrong...


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