Re: GNOME 2.20.3 stable tarballs due (and more)

On Mon, Jan 07, 2008 at 09:57:43PM +0000, Release Team wrote:
> Hello all,

I've added the schedule mailer script to cron on window (gnomeweb user).
To change what it emails, either change schedule/ or (for the descriptions).

ATM the script emails release-team.

> We would like to inform you about the following:
> * GNOME 2.20.3 stable tarballs due
> * API/ABI Freeze
> * Release Team decides on new modules

^^ such overviews are included when the script informs about >1 event

> Tarballs are due on 2008-01-07 before 23:59 UTC for the GNOME 2.20.3
> stable release, which will be delivered on Wednesday. Modules which
> were proposed for inclusion should try to follow the unstable schedule
> so everyone can test them.  Please make sure that your tarballs will
> be uploaded before Monday 23:59 UTC: tarballs uploaded later than that
> will probably be too late to get in 2.20.3. If you are not able to
> make a tarball before this deadline or if you think you'll be late,
> please send a mail to the release team and we'll find someone to roll
> the tarball for you!
> No API or ABI changes should be made in the platform libraries. For
> instance, no new functions, no changed function signatures or struct
> fields.  This provides a stable development platform for the rest of
> the schedule.  There should usually be a "Slushy" API/ABI Freeze
> before the Hard API/ABI Freeze, to encourage developers to think about
> API problems while they have a chance to correct them.  API freeze is
> not required for non-platform libraries, but is recommended.
> Release Team decides on new modules
^^ above is one of the many descriptions that needs expanding.

> For more information about 2.21, the full schedule, the official
> module lists and the proposed module lists, please see our colorful 2.21
> page:
> For a quick overview of the GNOME schedule, please see:
> Thanks,

^^ this is a standard footer, included with *every* email.


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