Meeting minutes (January 6th)

Here are the minutes. Was the longest meeting ever, I believe (3.5



 Andre Klapper (andre)
 Elijah Newren (elijah) -- a bit late
 Frederic Crozat (fcrozat)
 Karsten Bräckelmann (guenther)
 Kjartan Maraas (kmaraas) -- a bit late
 Olav Vitters (bkor)
 Vincent Untz (vuntz) -- taking minutes

 John Palmieri (J5)

 + previous ACTIONs
 + release assignments
 + release notes handling
 + release team membership change
 + schedule for 2.23/2.24
 + showstopper bugs for 2.22.0
 + module proposals/removals
 + AOB (any other business)
 + next meeting


 + work on showstopper list
 + send showstopper nag mails to desktop-devel-list

 + make Lucas work on the 2.23/2.24 schedule

 + work on showstopper list

 + subscribe Lucas to release-team
 + mail people about release notes (ask Karsten for Andreas' mail)
 + make someone add mono, python, and other external dependencies to the
   list of external dependencies. We need to special-case mono (see AOB)

Release assignments
 2.20.3   Jan 9  Elijah + Olav
 2.21.5   Jan 16 Frederic
 2.21.90  Jan 30 Elijah
 2.21.91  Feb 13 Frederic
 2.21.92  Feb 27 Vincent
 2.22.0   Mar 12 Vincent (+ Olav for testing)
 2.22.1   Apr 9  Vincent

Olav will backup a few other releases.
More people to help with 2.22.0 can be good.

Release notes handling
We're late as usual. Elijah sent a mail to Murray to get some input.
We'll probably propose the task to a group of people: Jorge Castro,
Corey Burger and Andreas Proschofsky. If Murray wants to continue
working on this, he'll be most welcome too!
Mart Raudsepp (leio) is interested in doing sneak previews but is not
sure whether he'll have time or not.

Vincent will mail the people.

Release team membership change
Elijah will leave the release team once 2.22.0 is out, and proposed
Lucas Rocha to replace him. Everybody is happy with Lucas joining the
team, so if Lucas is fine with the idea, that's a deal. Lucas will be
able to look around how we work before he officially joins the team.

(it's not yet the right time to thank Elijah for the amazing work he
did, but let's mention now he did an amazing work on the release team

Schedule for 2.23/2.24
Based on the 2.19/2.20 schedule, it shouldn't be hard to create it,
especially with the new schedule scripts. The hardest part is making
sure the dates are fine, there's no conflict with GUADEC.
It might be worth looking at adding/removing a week to have Christmas
holidays not during the discussion for new module proposals for 2.25.
We'll also need to check with distributors that the schedule will be
fine for them. distributor-list is the perfect forum for this.

Elijah will make Lucas work on it.

Showstopper bugs for 2.22.0
Nothing big at this point. Andre, Olav and the Bugsquad are working on
getting a list of showstoppers, which is available at:,needinfo+gnome-target=2.22.x
Special care is needed for nautilus (and more generally the whole gio
stuff), though.

Andre will send showstopper nag mails to desktop-devel-list

Module proposals/removals

[This is not the final version yet, I might have put mistakes here, so
before anybody links to this message, remember that the replies to this
mail might change a bit the following statements]

 + anjuta (devtools)
  - no real comments from the community
  - we want an IDE in the devtools suite
  - good documentation
  - really hard to translate, and many strings could be improved
  - proposal to create an incubation suite and to put anjuta there until
    there's a clear consensus on the fact that it's ready. Some people
    don't like the idea.
  => will get back to d-d-l to get more input from the community

 + cheese (desktop)
  - some concerns by one of the developers
  - great application, with a coolness factor
  - need documentation work
  - UI review and a11y review needed
  => accept

 + empathy (desktop)
  - great goals
  - more work is needed to add some features, and make it a bit more
    stable (especially since people are used to something working very
    well for IM), and probably add a bit more integration if possible
  - (some people would really like the keyring to be used)
  - would really be great to fix the licensing for the libraries since,
    at some point, we might want to push the libraries in the platform
  - we encourage to propose it again for 2.24
  => reject

 + gimmie applet (desktop)
  - seems there are maintenance issues that should get fixed first
  - no regular releases
  => reject

 + gvfs (desktop)
  - clear consensus that we want it
  - we want to port the libgnomeui filechooser to gio
  => accept

 + mousetweaks (desktop)
  - great for a11y
  - some are worried about the fact that the daemon could probably be
    made to work with gnome-settings-daemon, which sounds better
  - need to move to the GNOME infrastructure
  => accept, but really, would be better to not have a new module and
     have this feature in gnome-settings-daemon

 + swfdec-gnome (desktop)
  - great to see it switched to gstreamer for decoding media
  - maybe it should also output to the sound card using gstreamer?
  - need to move to the GNOME infrastructure
  - flash is not an open standard, but there's a need to read flash for
    our users
  - would be great to see a browser plugin in the future (when it's
    able to read most flash files), or even deeper integration with
    epiphany -- swfdec-mozilla exists, but maybe it can be integrated
  - hopefully, it will give more visibility to swfdec and improve its
    support for flash files
  => accept if it moves to the GNOME infrastructure
  => swfdec becomes a new external dependency

 + vinagre (desktop)
  - positive consensus
  - nice complement to vino
  - need to follow more closely the release cycle
  => accept
  => gtk-vnc becomes a new external dependency

 + gnome-settings-daemon (desktop)
  - need to know what's the svn module name :-)
  - needed by the new GDM
  - splitted from gnome-control-center, so nothing to discuss
  => accept

 + totem-pl-parser (desktop)
  - splitted from totem, so nothing to discuss
  => accept

 + PolicyKit, PolicyKit-gnome (external dependency)
  - it uses libsexy. We want libsexy widgets to be integrated in our
  => retracted

 + ndesk-dbus, ndesk-dbus-glib (external dependency)
  - good from a security point of view
  - need to be in a mono-specific section of the external dependencies
    (see AOB)
  => accept

 + gnome-keyring-manager (removal from desktop)
  - replaced by seahorse
  => removed

We need to add mono, python, and other things to the list of external
dependencies. We need to special-case mono, since it's a bit different
("only for modules with an explicitly approved mono dependency", see

Vincent will work on getting someone to do this.


Next meeting
The next meeting will occur between 2.21.92 and 2.22.1, ie in March,

Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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