Re: GNOME 2.22 module inclusion discussions heat up.

Hi guys,

FYI: Unfortunately, I couldn't properly comment on each proposed
because the discussions heatup started right in the beginning of my

I just wanted to make two "meta-comments". I plan to write about those
concerns in more detail as soon as I come back from vacation.

1. It's not very realistic/eficient to expect the discussions about
the proposed modules to "heat up" at this time of the year (very close
to new year and christmas). Because of that, most of the proposed
modules were poorly discussed. Maybe this should be taken into account
for next year's schedule?

2. There are some problems in the current decision making process
around modules.
2.1 Currently, there's this "consensus-based" process which takes
place through an open discussion around each proposed module. Nowadays
there's quite a lot of noise in those discussions and consequently the
release team often needs to decide based on very poor input from
2.2 Lack of a sense of direction around those module decisions.
There's no "big picture" to back the decisions of accepting or denying
modules. Modules are discussed almost as isolated components. If it
improves the usability of the desktop in some sane way and covers a
basic set of requirements, it will be probably in. So, we're basically
adding "stuff" to the desktop on each major stable release.
2.3 The current decision making process doesn't work at all for
deciding about polemic and fundamental changes in our desktop (and
we're in a moment which demands from us to change important parts of
our UI). One of the reasons for that is 2.1 (there are others of
course). The presence of 2.2 makes things even harder. For example,
deciding about gimmie, gnome-main-menu, awn, and others, is not just
about accepting or not a new module, it's about discussing the UI we
want to provide to our users.

I don't have the answers for those concerns yet but I've been thinking
a lot about them. I'm just sharing those thoughts with you so that you
can think and discuss about them too. :-)

Thanks a lot for the awesome and hard work!


2008/1/3, Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org>:
> Le mercredi 19 décembre 2007, à 16:04 +0100, Andre Klapper a écrit :
> > on january 14th, Module Freeze takes place: new modules and
> > functionality for GNOME 2.22 will be chosen[1].
> >
> > so in the cold and early days of january, the release-team will bring
> > tons of chocolate and icecream to its secret headquarters office two
> > kilometres beneath the surface to finally meet up and decide about the
> > new modules for 2.22.
> The release team meeting is on Sunday 6th. This Sunday. So if you want
> to have an impact on the decisions, speak before the deadline :-)
> (and please, do not reply to this mail if you have a comment about a
> specific module but to the relevant thread for the module)
> Thanks,
> Vincent
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