Freeze-break request: Small API additions in gconfmm

I've actually already made these changes. I should have asked first.
I'll revert if necessary. Sorry.

I have added two little methods to our Gconf::Client class, wrapping two
functions that were added to GConfClient a while ago, but which we
missed until now. They are very simple so I am confident that they will
not need to be changed.

I have attached a patch showing the changes.

murrayc murrayc com
Index: gconf/src/client.hg
--- gconf/src/client.hg	(revision 1308)
+++ gconf/src/client.hg	(revision 1689)
@@ -214,6 +214,13 @@
      * @see notify_add()
     _WRAP_METHOD(void notify_remove(guint cnxn), gconf_client_notify_remove, errthrow)
+    /** Emits the value_changed signal and notifies listeners as if @a key had been changed.
+     * @param key The key that has changed.
+     *
+     * @newin2p24
+     */ 
+    _WRAP_METHOD(void notify(const Glib::ustring& key), gconf_client_notify)
     _WRAP_METHOD(void set_error_handling(ClientErrorHandlingMode mode), gconf_client_set_error_handling)
@@ -275,6 +282,16 @@
      * @throw Gnome::Conf::Error.
     _WRAP_METHOD(void unset(const Glib::ustring& key), gconf_client_unset, errthrow)
+    /** Unsets all keys below @a key, including @a key itself.
+     * If any unset fails, it continues on to unset as much as it can. The first failure is then thrown as an exception.
+     * @param key The configuration key to unset.
+     * @param flags Change how the unset is done.
+     * @throw Gnome::Conf::Error.
+     *
+     * @newin2p24
+     */
+    _WRAP_METHOD(void recursive_unset(const Glib::ustring& key, UnsetFlags flags = UNSET_INCLUDING_SCHEMA_NAMES), gconf_client_recursive_unset, errthrow)
     /** Retrieve all keys in the given configuration directory.
      * Get all the configuration keys in the given directory, without recursion.

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