polkit-gnome 0.9.1 release


The GNOME release team requested a PolicyKit-gnome release for GNOME
2.24 that didn't depend on libsexy. So I rolled a new one; instead
there's a dependency on recent GTK+ which also allowed me to cull the
GnomeVFS dependency.

PolicyKit 0.9.1 is available here


Details for this release are below.

Meanwhile, I'm still working on breaking HEAD of PolicyKit (leading up
to a 0.90 release in a few weeks). jhbuild etc. should use PolicyKit 0.9
and PolicyKit 0.9.1.


PolicyKit-gnome 0.9.1

Released on August 19th 2008.

Highlights of this release

 o Avoid libsexy dep; ship with local copies of SexyURLLabel
 o Avoid libgnome-vfs dep; use recent GTK+ instead
 o Use standard icon names (Matthias Clasen)
 o New translations: ar
 o Updated translations: pt_BR, pt, ja, ar, pl

Requirements for PolicyKit-gnome 0.9

 - PolicyKit        == 0.9
 - GTK+             >= 2.13.6
 - dbus             >= 1.0
 - dbus-glib        >= 0.71
 - GConf            >= 2.8

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