Re: Metacity branched for 2.24


DL updated.


El dc 13 de 08 de 2008 a les 10:25 -0400, en/na Thomas Thurman va
> Metacity has been branched for stable 2.24 using the branch name 
> "gnome-2-24".  Hacking will continue in trunk as 2.25.x.  
> gnome-2-24 will eventually become the 2.24.0 release. Further 2.23 
> releases will be from the 2.24 branch and not trunk. New features in 
> trunk will not be backported to 2.24, but bugfixes will be.
> Wishing you a happy, um (looks in Wikipedia) Feast of the Glorious 
> Virgin St Radegund,
> Thomas
gil forcada

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