Re: Conflict between seahorse and seahorse-plugins

On 8/6/08, Matthias Clasen <matthias clasen gmail com> wrote:
> Trying to package seahorse-plugins for Fedora, I discovered that
>  seahorse and seahorse-plugins both you the "seahorse" domain for
>  translations. Thats not going to work, since it means both seahorse
>  and seahose plugins try to install
>  /usr/share/locale/FOO/LC_MESSAGES/ The translation domain
>  for seahorse-plugins should be changed to "seahorse-plugins.

Someone from Mandriva just reported the same thing in bugzilla. I'm at
an airport right now waiting for a flight to Chicago, but will take a
look at it tonight assuming I have wifi at the hotel.



>  Thanks, Matthias
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