Re: ORBit/bonobo deprecation?

man, 21.05.2007 kl. 23.20 -0400, skrev Peter Parente:
> > Also, note that deprecated != unsupported.
> I think this is the key point. Can you clarify the distinction? Does 
> !unsupported mean module maintainers for bonobo, ORBit, and language 
> bindings are still actively accepting patches and fixing bugs as they are 

Most definitely accepting patches and fixing bugs when they show up. I
don't think anyone is deeply involved in fixing long standing issues
that take a large amount of work, but we've been releasing bug fixes on
a regular basis up to 2.18.0 at least. No reason why we should stop
doing that now.

> filed? Does deprecated simply mean new libraries should not begin using 
> b&C? More importantly, is the GNOME community at large aware of this 
> distinction? I get the feeling that deprecated -> unsupported to many 
> people without explicit verbiage stating otherwise.
I have always had the impression that deprecated means not encouraging
new users, but it seems we should clarify that since there seems to be
confusion around this issue.

> Maybe some words on the wiki clarifying what the b&C deprecation means 
> would be beneficial?
That would be the right thing to do.


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