Re: Stepping down; Calvin as replacement

El lun, 05-02-2007 a las 10:19 -0700, Elijah Newren escribi�Very late reply.  Wheeee!

> On 1/28/07, Luis Villa <luis tieguy org> wrote:
> > Federico- what are his expectations- why does he want to be involved?
> > It seems to me that is a critical question.
> We should probably decide on this soon and let Calvin know one way or
> the other.  I initially had the same reservations as Vincent, though
> Luis' comments do help.  It would be nice to hear Federico's response
> to Luis' question, though...Federico?

I asked Calvin.  The attached mail is what he replied :)

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Hey, here are some answers...

1. What have you been doing in gnome? 

Most recently I added new logout/shutdown dialogs in gnome that were
specific to SUSE.  I changed the way the screens are blanked out to add
some bling.  I haven't added these changes upstream yet, I'm going to be
working with Dan Winship on getting some of the updates into the new
gnome-session code he is working on... I know there are some feelings
about the current state of those dialogs in gnome.

I've also written a Network Manager add-on that allows users to edit
their wireless networks from gconf.

Before that most of my work wasn't directly in gnome, it was in iFolder
writing the original iFolder Linux client.

2. why do you want to be part of the release team?

I'm currently on the Desktop team inside of Novell.  I took the position
because I've always wanted to work with the desktop user experience.
When I found out you were stepping down and the Release Team needed
help, I jumped at the chance to get the experience and the depth of
knowledge of the desktop that will come with the work involved on the
Release Team.

I hope that helps.  


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