Re: Hard code freeze and extension request for vte

On Mon, 2007-03-12 at 14:44 -0700, Elijah Newren wrote:
> On 3/12/07, Behdad Esfahbod <behdad behdad org> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > As some of you may have noticed, vte has a regression in updating the
> > screen.  Some letters are double-exposed and that gives a boldening
> > effect...
> >
> > Anyway, Chris Wilson seems to have a few small patches to fix these.
> > Unfortunately he said he'll be away until later today.  So I want to
> > wait for him to show up, review his patches, commit them, and get a
> > hopefully-not-that-broken vte for 2.18.0.
> Is there an older version we could revert to as a fix for this bug, or
> would that have other nasty consequences?  I'd really rather not have
> non-critical fixes this late...

Well, not quite.  If you check vte's NEWS file, 0.15.6 fixes various
bugs introduced in 0.15.5 and 0.15.4, and checking 0.15.4, that fixes
various regressions, and it goes on and on.  There are really two
choices: go forward, or roll back to before Chris Wilson started
hacking...  I prefer the former as the latter will be a nightmare...

Good news is that he's now back and ready to commit and release.  He has
four proposed patches in bugs 417652, 416635, 416634, and 416558.  Of
which, I'm inclined to just commit the one in 416635.

So, to summarize, I'm now just asking for permission to commit the patch
in 416635.  It's a very short patch and cannot break more than what is
already broken.


"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little
 Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
        -- Benjamin Franklin, 1759

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