[REQUEST]: Hard Code Freeze Break request - GtkHTML

Hi ,

Sorry for this very-late bother but I just observed this patch left
uncommitted at

The patch appears to modify the so names of the gtkhtml library as
well as update the API version so as not to break gnucash.  This fix,
I learn from the patch, does not introduce a binary incompatibility
but merely reconciles an earlier change that had broken the ABI.
It had been reviewed and approved for commit by the GtkHTML package
maintainer, Srinivasa Ragavan, prior to the Hard Code freeze but was
not included in the 3.13.92 release or committed to svn.

If this change is absorbed, the corresponding dependency in the
Evolution package will also have to be updated.

I have been unable to reach Srinivasa Ragavan but from
it appears this change needs to be in so as not to break gnucash (and
other apps that depend on gtkhtml [1])

Is it OK for me to commit this change to GtkHTML, so I can test and
then roll out the evolution tarballs ?


[1] I am not aware if any package other than evolution and gnucash
depends on gtkhtml.

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