Re: Requesting hard code freeze break for gnome-utils

On 3/10/07, Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi gmail com> wrote:
hi everyone;

there's a bug opened for the screenshot utility in gnome-utils which
might lead to critical data loss:

it's triggered by an error in the filename conversion error from UTF-8
in non UTF-8 locales; it happens when taking a screenshot of a window
with a title in UTF-8 and trying to save it in a UTF-8 encoded file
system; as the reporter said, if you aren't extra careful in reading the
error message, it might destroy data by replacing the default folder
with an image.

the patch attached to this mail at least avoids data loss - doesn't
affect any string and/or visible UI, so I don't think it needs an
approval from either the i18n or the doc teams, but if needed I'll
forward this mail to them too.

this is a weird corner case, though, and the patch might just wait for
the 2.18.1 release.

Hmm...tempted to go with the 2.18.1 given that it's a weird corner
case and very late in the cycle, but that data loss issue could be
pretty nasty for people in weird locales.  The patch is relatively
short and straightforward and you've had an external tester, so 1 of 2

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