Re: Freeze break: FUSA, bug 412541

Le mardi 06 mars 2007, à 15:04, Thomas Thurman a écrit :
>    In an attempt to fix one bug (408309), I introduced another bug (412541).
>    There is a patch attached, which involves adding one "else". I didn't get
>    this committed before code freeze. It is necessary because gdm changed the
>    location of its socket recently, so we need to check both places. (There
>    would probably be more ideal solutions, but this seems like a workable
>    fix.)
>    Please may I check this into the 2.17 branch?

As I mentioned in another bug, I don't think we should have this code
(since this is only for Ubuntu, AFAIK). However, it's still better with
the patch than without it.

So approval 1 out of 2. (I'd put some { } around the second if, but
that's just my personal taste ;-))


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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