Re: [g-a-devel] API Break? Bad versioning practice? Problems with gail/atk/at-spi

On 1/30/07, Bill Haneman <Bill Haneman sun com> wrote:
Hi Elijah, and Li:

Since our atk, at-spi, and gail versions are all < 16, perhaps
we can and should sync the minor number with the gnome release, starting
with the next releases for gnome-2.18 beta2 and 2.16.5+

Note that we have no 2.16.x releases planned past 2.16.3 (which is
scheduled to be released tomorrow).

I don't think we need to follow what orca is doing, and sync the micro
release and major numbers too, i.e. I don't think gnome-2.19.1 should
have "atk-2.19.1", but I do agree that we should:

1) keep the minor number in sync with the gnome release where possible, and
2) (implied by above) use odd minor numbers for 'unstable' releases and
even minor numbers for stable.

That would be great; it'd help a lot.

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