Tomboy: approval request for 3-line DBus method

Being a maintainer newbie for Tomboy, I'm not sure whether I need your
approval to include the 3-line patch from this bug:

But, to be on the safe side, I figured I'd ask anyway.  It's just a
convenience method to allow DBus clients to retrieve the version of
Tomboy, which is helpful for anyone writing code to interact with
Tomboy's DBus API.

This would be better to include now rather than wait for the next
GNOME release just in case people start writing to the API (like
Conduit plans to).

Thanks for the help!

Index: Tomboy/RemoteControl.cs
--- Tomboy/RemoteControl.cs	(revision 856)
+++ Tomboy/RemoteControl.cs	(working copy)
@@ -195,5 +195,11 @@
 			note.XmlContent = xml_contents;
 			return true;
+		public string Version ()
+		{
+			return Defines.VERSION;
+		}

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