Re: we want you for the release team!

Le mercredi 08 août 2007, à 23:48 +0200, Karsten Bräckelmann a écrit :
> > there's a vacancy on the release team, which we are wondering if you
> > would be willing to fulfill. you do know that you're doing a great job
> > in GNOME, and we like it! ;-)
> > please take a look at
> > for more
> > information about the r-t's tasks - it's not only about releasing our
> > favourite software, but there's a lot more around.
> As all of you know, I am a GARNOME maintainer, not using or experienced
> with jhbuild. This effectively means, that I will not be available for
> pushing releases in the immediate, foreseeable future the way they are
> done currently.
> However, I am pretty sure you took this fact into consideration. There's
> more to do for the Release Team, than to build and push jhbuild module
> sets. ;-)
> > so think about it, sleep one night, and then reply and say "yes, i wanna
> > join"! :-)
> Done. Definitely done. And...
> Similar to Olav [1], my main concern while pondering this opportunity
> was available time -- the conclusion each day has been the same though.
> So, if the above constraint is ok with you...  Yes, I wanna join!

You're in! Cool. Well. It means we have two German people there now.
Fred, maybe we should start looking for another French guy?


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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