Re: [+gnome] evince's poppler dependency

2006-09-30 klockan 22:59 skrev Elijah Newren:
> I just noticed that Wouter updated
>, due to a
> change in dependency in evince on poppler version.  A couple points:
>  1) Wouter, thanks for catching this.  Note, though, that page is
> supposed to be updated by the release-team only; please notify us if
> you see something that need updating.

Sorry, I wasn't aware of this. Will do to in the future.

>  2) The page wasn't quite official yet when the change happened, so I
> don't consider this a break of the new rule, but...
>  3) I thought it'd be worth mentioning that future dependency bumps
> do need to follow the process pointed out on that page, as recently
> discussed on d-d-l.

Evince and poppler are tightly integrated. Poppler bugs are only found by using
Evince (or other PDF viewers), so the development needs/schedules/goals of
Poppler and PDF viewers are pretty close together. This Evince commit is
note-worthy (pretty boring, in fact):

| 2006-09-24  Nickolay V. Shmyrev  <nshmyrev yandex ru>
|         *
|         Bumped poppler requirements, really 0.5.3 is very 
|         buggy, now we require 0.5.4.

As can be seen, it's just a version bump. It's not because there is any
incompatibility or any new functionality that caused Evince to require a new
Poppler version. It's just the opinion of the developers that the number of
poppler bugs/issues fixed in 0.5.4 over 0.5.3 justifies the version bump.

Anyway, your point is clear: we should be careful with external depencies.

  mvrgr, Wouter

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