Glade 3.0 stable branched

Hi all,
we've just branched stable development of Glade 3 into the glade3-3-0-branch, this branch is pretty much feature frozen and will only be updated with bugfixes.

In HEAD we will be focusing on the UI in this cycle, the embedded window UI
that Vincent Geddes has been working on will apear in HEAD momentarily
and that will allow us to address alot of bugs by takeing a completely different
approach on handling events on widgets - we hope to get alot of feedback
in this next cycle and adjust the UI so as to satisfy most - there will also be
a significant rework wrt commands (undo/redo objects).

I expect a 4 to 6 month development cycle for this release, after that we plan to rewrite the parser to support dual formats (i.e. gtkbuilder format) and implement all
the dormant GObject's targetting a gtk+2.12-ish timeframe.

I just wrote this mail up because I read and thought to notify all the relevent lists. Worthy of note is that I am writing d-d-l but glade is not part of the gnome desktop module group - while I do have some ideas on that matter I dont feel like writing up a 10 page essay on it so... suffice it to say "do we want glade as part of some gnome module set" ? any ideas on that ?


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